January is all about review. We take this month to closely review all of our health and safety policies, programs, and procedures making sure that they are updated accordingly, implemented correctly, and being used to their utmost capacity. We want our employees to stay healthy and safe and in order to do that, we review these policies to make sure they fit the employee’s needs. We also review our trainings at this time and make sure they are still applicable, meet the needs of the company, and engage the employees with tons of hands-on activities. We make sure that employees are at attention and understand the material presented through engagement and providing them with copies of materials in a language they understand. If we create or update a policy, or use a flyer or brochure from a regulating official, such as OSHA, and those documents are not provided in a language we need for our employees, we translate it ourselves and make sure we have a copy for everyone. If an employee is not engaged or cannot understand the material – they are not going to understand the training!