Red Box stands down to COVID-19. Last Thursday, April 9th 2020, Red Box participated in AGC’s national stand down for safety in response to COVID-19 through integrating COVID safety topics into our daily morning safety meetings, staying informed and keeping our employees up to date on Alaska COVID-19 issues, and practicing safe social distancing and cleaning routines. Red Box’s stand down goes beyond the one day as we are actively taking necessary precautions to keep our employees and clients safe. We practice social distancing by staying a minimum of six feet apart in the office and our drivers have been assigned to a limited number of vehicles to eliminate overlap. We wear masks as needed and wipe down company vehicles on a regular basis. In the office, we continue to disinfect surfaces daily and those that can work from home stay home (as you can see, their new co-workers are loving the company!) We would love to know, how do you stand down to COVID-19?