Waste Hauling and Disposal Services by Red Box Refuse


Red Box distinguishes between industrial and commercial because we want you to know we do it all. Typically an industrial property will be larger than a commercial property, it is identified through its manufacturing of goods vs providing general services, and industrial properties may involve multiple locations or be in need of multiple boxes; we can handle this. No matter the size of your industry we can manage your waste! For an industrial property we recommend at least one 40YD box on a bi-weekly schedule, but this depends on the specific needs of your property and we are flexible according to those needs. Give us a call for a more specific recommendation!



If you have a business with flexible waste needs, call Red Box Refuse today! We would be happy to talk about your specific waste management needs and come up with a schedule and service that fits your business. Generally, for an average business in Anchorage or the Mat-Su we would recommend either a 15YD box on a bi-weekly basis or a 40YD box on a monthly basis. This is a general recommendation and we would be glad to discuss a more or less frequent pick-up and drop-off schedule: call us today for an initial no-cost evaluation.


We don’t only handle the waste removal needs of companies and large industries, but we also offer affordable waste management services for residential properties throughout the Anchorage and Mat-Su area. Do you have a remodel or renovation project in mind? If the answer is yes and you need a quick and easy way to dispose of materials call Red Box Refuse! You can reserve your 15YD box or 40YD box now for a project that you are still envisioning to start this summer. Reserve over the phone or online and guarantee your affordable and hassle free waste removal process today!

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